Who we are:

High Education Health is a corporation led by Lic. Nelly Feliciano, a professional with extensive experience in the communication, production and coordination of educational events. With a team of professionals in organization, logistics and design of education proposals as well as experts in marketing and public relations the corporation hopes to become a guide with the objective of creating effective strategies to reach the goals of our clients.

Our Mission:

Develop continuing education programs for physicians and health professionals who wish to expand their knowledge in order to improve the health of their patients.


The primary goal of High Education Health is to work alongside our partners in a collaborative effort to develop strategies based on our experiences that are conductive towards creating continuing education events successfully.

Why does your organization need our activity production services?

One of the most valuable perks of organizations, colleges and professional associations are continuing education and additional training services such as courses, conventions, meetings and workshops. These are very complex activities that, to be profitable and successful, require experience in event logistics, as well as high communication skills to attract target audiences.

High Education Health makes available to groups and organizations our experience in curricular design, marketing and sales, as well as in advertising and communication, to help them to produce an effective event.

We support customers with diverse phases of production: from the budgeting of events, the identification of subsidies(grants), scholarships and sponsorships, coordination of registration, to supporting the education committee, among other areas.

Medical Academy:

Transforming primary care towards a model of quality and profitability:

We have an expert team to provide you with tools and skills to meet the needs of small or large medical practices.  We will design a strategic plan so that you and your staff can offer a unique service experience, taking into account the complexity of your organizational structure. Our goal with this workshop is to elevate your office’s into efficiency and capability to operate smartly, recovering time and earnings.

Our offer:

  • Conduct an analysis of your office, share findings and recommendations
  • Train and maximize the staff of your office towards new objectives
  • Evaluate and optimize the processes and procedures of your practice
  • Reduce potential risks in health scenarios
  • Extend profit margins
  • Know and meet regulatory agency requirements
  • Establish a total quality program. Detailing a little of that comprises total quality

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Our team

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Operations Manager

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Finance Consultant

Charol Feliciano

Education Program Manager

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